About Us

" Smart Home Security experts since 2018"

Smart Home and Automation system remotely control lighting, air condintioning and electornic devices by smartphone or computer for owners comfort ,security and energy efficiency.


Smartech Myanmar is founded on December, 2018 and it is an ELV and Automation Company run by highly energetic youth but experienced in their respective sector that can foresee future technologies.


For Government Sector, Hotels & Tourisms, Factories & Warehouses, Smartech Myanmar is an ELV & Automation Company that best delivers on providing better, more secure and smarter environment because Smartech Myanmar only can take you to the future world.

  • Professional Service

    We provide the best services through survey to installation stage until maintenance stage for all ELV Systems.

  • Affordable Prices

    We provide reasonable prices for different range of quality products for a variety of choices.

  • Great Support

    We care our customers providing 24 hrs services to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Service Warranty

    We provide one year service warranty for all the ELV systems.

Our Professional Team