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Home Automation System

Smart Home and Automation system remotely control lighting, air conditioning, and electronic devices by smartphone or computer for the owner’s comfort, safety and energy efficiency.

  • Smart Video Surveillance System
  • Household Smart Security System
  • Smart Lighting Control System
  • Smart HVAC Control System
  • Smart Entertainment System

Some use the “Smart Home System” for both convenience and safety for their families. If you use this system, you can easily control your home appliance devices that connected with the internet not having to rush to your home if you forget to lock the doors.

Smart home

What does Smartech offer?

We take measures first at your property and areas you wanted to apply to IoT Technology. For example, to switch on and off Lighting, curtains, TV, Aircon, Doors, etc with just one touch on your mobile. We calculate the total amount and send a quotation first. If you are interested in upgrading your home with smart technologies and high living standards, we can make everything better for you.

“Transform your home into a smart home with IoT.”
Smart Home