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Solutions for Smart Home System

A smart home is a networked intelligent home control system that integrates an automated control system, computer network system, and network communication technology. So how do you implement these smart systems?

Take a look at these seven smart home solutions!

1.Intelligent Security Solution

Intelligent security solutions generally achieve 360° protection for families through smart home products such as smart door locks, smart door sensors, smart cameras, environmental monitoring alarms, and infrared human-sensing alarms. Real-time monitoring and notification of dangerous situations such as the intrusion of strangers, fire, and natural gas leakage.

2. Intelligent Control Solutions

Intelligent control solutions, generally through infrared remote control, smart box, smart host and other equipment, to achieve control of all electrical appliances in the home, such as TVs, air conditioners, lights, even doors, windows, curtains, the basic functions are remote switch and timer switch, these two Almost all brands in the functional market have.

At present, the platform solutions of many smart home manufacturers and service providers tend to be more refined and scene-oriented.

It can realize all the functions of traditional remote control, such as TV switching, air conditioning, and temperature control; can set “scenario mode”, a command to control multiple products; can not rely on commands, trigger products according to specific scenarios, such as setting “home mode”.

It is “Automatically turn on the living room lights after opening the door”. When the system senses that the door lock is unlocked, it will automatically turn on specific lights and other effects.

3. Intelligent Lighting Solutions

An intelligent lighting solution is a simplified version of the “intelligent control solution” mentioned above, which intelligently manages the whole family of lights.

One-key control of intelligent switching, brightness adjustment, and color temperature adjustment of multiple lights can be performed by setting the scene mode. Make your home use more convenient, comfortable, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving.

4. Intelligent Home Theatre Solutions

The home theater solution in the smart home revolutionizes the traditional home theater interaction method and at the same time enriches the functions. All audio and video equipment, such as audio, high-definition players, projectors, screens, high-definition TVs and air conditioners, floor heating, electric curtains.

The environment equipment is connected as a whole, and the voice control function is added at the same time so that the viewing and listening effects of movie watching and games are better, the operation is more convenient, and the experience is more comfortable.

5. Family background music solution

Family background music solution, that is, connect the sound source signal to any area of the smart home through wiring, such as living room, dining room, kitchen, balcony, toilet. Through the control panels or mobile devices in different rooms, you can independently control the background music in the room, so that every room can hear the wonderful background music. Music is also a decoration for the home.

6. Environmental Linkage Solution

Environmental linkage solution, that is, based on the smart home control system platform, smart home products of environmental monitoring type actively sense changes in the indoor and outdoor environment (temperature, PM2.5, etc.), and adjust related equipment (such as air purifiers, fresh air systems) in parallel Indoor environment makes the home environment comfortable, safe and healthy

7. Video Sharing Solutions

The video-sharing solution is to install video equipment such as TV set-top boxes, DVDs, video recorders, satellite receivers, etc. in a relatively concealed manner so that the TV in multiple scenarios such as the living room, dining room, bedroom, etc. can share the home audio-visual library. This solution does not need to be repeated There is no need for wiring to purchase equipment, and the cost is extremely low while saving space.